Osteria Cannone

Osteria Cannone since 1900

Il fiore di Osteria il Cannone

The Cannone is an historic venue, one of the oldest among the many typical restaurants in Bologna.

Its history goes back a long way: in 1900 it was a resting place at the gates of the city for the merchants who went up via della Crocetta after unloading their goods from the boats moored along the canal Reno.

At first it was only a drinking place, then, during the twentieth century, a kitchen was opened and quickly became one of the tastiest historic taverns in Bologna.

Since 1994, Raffella has been carrying on a revisited cooking tradition and, together with Luca, a measured and playful experimentation of flavors, colors and unprecedented culinary combinations.

“Our culinary growth comes from the suggestions of the same customers who, year after year, gave us feedback inspiring today's proposals. This new website is our way to represent the desire to welcome new friends and further engage with them, growing together and sharing passion for good food".

Osteria Cannone Bologna