Osteria Cannone

Food always finds those who love to cook”

The Cannone is an historic Bolognese restaurant that grows every day thanks to the passion of Luca and Raffaella, always ready to welcome in their kitchen new friends and travelers.

“I was not born a restaurateur, but I’ve alway had an interest in good food, good wine and conviviality. I joined the Cannone 27 years ago and, partly out of passion and partly out of love, I never left. For me this is not a job, but a choice of life.”


“I’m curious and love to experiment in cooking with many flavors and combinations that I propose to our guests. It’s thanks to our guest that I grew up in my work, which is no longer just a job, but a way of being that gives me the opportunity to create my menus with the passion that has always been a part of me.”

Osteria Cannone Bologna